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Tom Greene

I'm an associate professor of English at a community college in the northeastern U.S. I live in Salem, MA in a tiny house (built in 1870) with my wife and two shelter cats. At home I enjoy gardening, wargaming, music, and repairing the damage done to my house by the "renovations" of the flippers who owned the house before.

I grew up in San Antonio, TX and moved to Massachusetts in the late 80's, lived in Brooklyn, NY during the early noughts, then moved back to Massachusetts.

I have a B.A. in English from Trinity University, an M.F.A. in Creative Writing and a Ph.D. in English Literature from Umass Amherst. My dissertation was on male secret societies and late Victorian adventure fiction. I've been teaching college English since 1991, mostly writing (expository, technical, creative and creative non-fiction), but also some literature.

I have also worked as a technical writer in the computer industry, a curriculum developer for the test prep industry, and done various short-term professional writing jobs. I've been attempting to write science fiction, fantasy and horror fiction since about 1983 with nearly no success. I recently retired from part-time work as a ghost tour guide.

I give regular presentations in my local community (through my school's speaker's bureau) on vampire literature and the semiotics of breakfast cereal, and can generate talks on a variety of historical and literary subjects. If you're interested, contact me for more information.